February 5, 2020

2020 Daily Challenges

Comment on this thread or our Facebook post to submit your entry.

Challenge #1: Leave a random note
Challenge #2: Entertain someone with a happy dance
Challenge #3: Pay ahead for someone
Challenge #4: Salt someone’s driveway/walkway. If you’re lucky enough not to be in winter right now, help someone out with their yard chores.
Challenge #5: Take a treat to a local hero. Police, firefighter, EMT, teachers, bus driver, the possibilities are endless!
Challenge #6: Drop off donations
Challenge #7: Return runaway/abandoned shopping carts
Challenge #8: Hold the door for someone
Challenge #9: Be kind to the environment
Challenge #10: Leave a note for your postman/person
Challenge #11: Post a positive message on social media
Challenge #12: Send a Valentine
Challenge #13: Give an extra-generous tip
Challenge #14: Volunteer in your community
Challenge #15: Self-kindness- Say no to something you don’t want to do
Challenge #16: Bring food to someone else
Challenge #17: Sincerely compliment 5 people
Challenge #18: Call a friend/relative you haven’t talked to in awhile
Challenge #19: Write a thank you note
Challenge #20: Create your own kind deed

1 thought on “2020 Daily Challenges

  • Left a note for our budget specialist who helped me transition to a new role at work while she was herself learning the ropes of her new job.

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